Sustainers of Life Society

For thousands of years, our ancestors developed and maintained unimaginable amounts of life sustainers which helped them develop entire nations and cultures. For many of our agriculture societies, almost our entire ceremonial calendars revolve around our seeds. The way we dance replicates the bean climbing the stock of corn and the songs we sing, give thanks and entertains our seeds spirits. There is a deeply held relationship between us and our seeds that cannot be so easily described in any language other than our own.

We saw many undesirable changes by the point of contact. Forced removal and assimilation and genocide caused us to lose many of our unique crops and much of the culture that goes with them. Although there are many programs now focused on protecting those sustainers of life, too few come from the perspective of an indigenous people.

Food Justice and Community Health

Food insecurity impacts hundreds of native communities across the United States. Largely due to poverty and intentional food apartheids that continues today. Native American families are 400% more likely to report food insecurity and as a result, native families are forced to buy cheap processed foods or supplement their diets with U.S.D.A. commodities. This supplementing then helps lead Native Americans as the highest demographic to suffer from type 2 diabetes, diabetic related deaths, kidney failure, hypotension, and obesity. To combat food insecurity and its related health issues, AoNSK is offering new resources to help solve these issues with our communities.

Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems

For generations, our ancestors managed to sustain entire cities with populations that reached into the millions without any major negative implications to our environment. Today, conventional agriculture struggles to maintain any level of sustainability as its economic sector is dependent on outside resources. 
AoNSK strives to adapt our ancestral systems and agriculture knowledge to today's needs to help offset the loss of soil life and climate change.

Environmental Justice& Community Engagement

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Cultural Revival & Community Unification

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