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In 2014, a group of Tuscarora people from North Carolina decided to reclaim and rebuild on the lands of their former reservation in Bertie County North Carolina. These people were largely removed by the late 1700s to early 1800s to NY, Canada, and various parts of NC and SC. This move has been seen as a significant step towards decolonization and reclamation across Indian Country that hasn't been witnessed in this region in over 200 years. It is the hope of these people that others may join them to escape the persecution they face as a traditional Longhouse people. They also wish to utilize this space as a place to revitalize their language and culture and of course their traditional agriculture. 

In order to accomplish this goal, the people had decided to construct their own businesses and invest into their own housing and farms. Much has been done since 2014 however life is still very much rural and their businesses are still humble. Although there have been people here working nearly every day since 2014, two of the founders of AoNSK, Fix Cain, and Beth Roach in 2020 have become among the first to permanently relocate to the territory of Skhawakye. Since then, interest in relocating to the area has increased with Tuscarora and other Haudenosaunee people from various locations between the US and Canada. 

AoNSK has temporarily established its storefront within a tribal subsidiary business called "The Lost Colony Trading Post". One should not expect this store to be predominantly seeds as it is a shared space and the space for AoNSK is primarily used for the online business portion. Within the same building is a small restaurant called Cahaba Cafe which focuses on native infused dishes. 

This is a stepping stone for AoNSK and others as we work towards greater things. Planting of traditional crops will start in 2021 onsite as well as private locations within the county. We hope to raise enough funds to eventually reclaim larger portions of farmland on the old reservation where we can increase our production of commercial heirloom seeds and tribal seeds. This center will also provide food sovereignty for the community as well as a center for cultural and historical interpretation and future tourism. We also hope to utilize this place as an HQ for our various members to better offer them a source of support in their social justice and environmental and educational needs. 

This location and surrounding locations offer a lot in terms of eco and historical tourism. This region was once densely populated by our ancestors and played a significant role in early colonization. Civil war and revolutionary sites and sites of piracy scatter the peninsula as well as the location where the Tuscarora took the Lost Colony of Roanoke has recently been rediscovered. There are over 35 rivers and creeks within the territory which mostly flow into Swan bay and the Albemarle sound. Beautiful beaches and untapped forest left untouched since the 1700s still remain in our territory. The territory is only about an hour west from the famous North Carolina Outerbanks, which are beautiful islands off the coast of Carolina.

For now, you can visit the Lost Colony Trading Post at 
102 Greenpond Rd
Lewiston N.C. 27849